Case Studies
 Infynita Case Studies
I Collaborator-enterprise level communication,collaboration and conferencing :
It is an application designed to allow organizations worldwide, secure, real time communications and voice/data exchange capability. I-Collaborator has been structured upon the T2 real time platform. Read more
Logisitcal Workflow Solution :
CTS, is a large hardware vendor in Florida had multiple warehouses in the Orlando area, two warehouses in Nassau County, New York and a master distribution center in Singapore. Read more
Bankers' Training College :
The BTC conducts operations and compliance related training and courses to bankers worldwide. These are typically two to five days training courses with specialized faculty, speakers, etc. Read more
Procurement Management :
A key agency within the New York management wished to introduce a process to save the City's money with streamlined purchase options. While larger purchases were to have a minimum of 3 bids, smaller purchases were draining agencies. Read more
SpeechFirst- A voice interpreter tool :
SpeechFirst is probably the most sophisticated speech interface available on the market. SpeechFirst uses Microsoft SAPI 5.1 TTS and ASR engine for voice recognition and text output, SpeechFirst incorporates many complex layers of parsing data, enabling it for command recognition, categorizing it, and providing the user a pleasant user interface. SpeechFirst also provides the ability for users to create their own grammar (dictionary) so as to recognize commands not normally recognized by speech engines. Read more
Speech Bench :
In the earlier days, voice enabling was achieved by complex TAPI programming. As things progressed, several markup languages appeared and the standard that took hold for voice was Voice XML (VXML), an XML based markup language.
Read more
Disabled people's association :
The website was planned for a revamp with the aim of achieving W3C's AAA Compliance. All sections were realigned, content refreshed and the new AAA compliant website was produced in an effort of about 20-man months. Read more
A Leading Hardware Distributor :
The aim was to create a subscriber based trading portal whereby sellers would come and list their items with prices; buyers would come because a 'marketplace' creates a competitive pricing environment. Read more
Data optimization for leading automobile filters :
Client is a well-known name in automobile filters worldwide. Data optimization was executed in one of the country specific subsidiary of client. It supplies automobile parts to well known automobile companies like Suzuki, Ford, Daewoo etc. worldwide. Read more
Asterisk IP PBX :
Creation of IP/PBX solution for US based leading enterprise. The IP/PBX solution is having features like Auto-Attendant, Multiple Mailboxes/Extensions, Dial-by-Name Directory, Unlimited Voicemail Capacity, Virtual Calling Card, and Conference Calling etc. Read more
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