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VoIP and software-based PBX offerings come in many flavors and several of these are proprietary with a high TCO. The purpose of deploying in most cases is enhanced mobility, futurization, enhanced integration, realization of savings, etc. Many soft PBX offerings are clubbed with VoIP and the vendors ask for use of SIP phones (which entails high cost of deployment and challenges mobility). Our solution, as an IP PBX with VoIP capability will use ‘regular’ phones, the Digium Telephony card does the work of packetizing the analogue signals and route the calls worldwide efficiently via the Internet. The Asterisk server can be accessed via most any telephone and virtualizes businesses.
Although Asterisk IP PBX is freely downloadable, it is so rich in features that most non-technical users who download it directly cannot bring it out to production, because they lack the technical expertise configuring and customizing Asterisk to their needs. SpeechDesk and its partners can help you achieve that painlessly, and can even help make a business out of a freely downloadable product!
Project Description
The base project entails help in configuring Asterisk IP PBX for US based ASP and creation of a web interface for resellers and their customers. The open source Asterisk based IP/PBX solution will have features such as Auto-Attendant, Multiple Mailboxes/Extensions, Dial-by-Name Directory, Voicemail Capacity, Virtual Calling Card, Conference Calling, etc. Additionally, it will allow for private labeling for resellers. A user-friendly web interface will be provided for easy and efficient administration and interaction for all users.
Project Benefits
This project provides the Client’s resellers a platform to resell virtual PBX solutions at affordable costs and to administer the customer accounts. The customer web interface will allow customers’ to customize their mailbox and other PBX features.
Using the friendly web interface, customers can easily customize their mailbox, change settings and add more features to their account. The client resellers will be able to add new products, talktime and administer their customer accounts. The administrator can control both the resellers and their customers from the admin interface.
Development Tools
The system uses tools like:
 Case Studio for development of database
 MySQL for data store
 Apache web server
 Asterisk 1.2.1 – Open Source IP/PBX
When an order comes in today via fax, IM, email or telephone, it is entered into the system. The system will determine the location of the inventory and send messages to the various centers. For example, the server was at the Lake Mary, Orlando warehouse, the monitor at the Sanford warehouse and the router was in Nassau County - the customer name, order number, the shipping & the payment mode would be flashed to all warehouses for shipment. Sanford would send the monitor to Lake Mary and when the order is assimilated, Lake Mary would ship out its portion as would Nassau County. The manager could see the completed order from anywhere he was.
Project Environment
Software Requirement:

O.S – Red Hat or Fedora Server with kernel version 2.6 or higher

Software Requirement:
Processor - Intel Pentium IV, 2.66 Ghz or higher
Memory - 512 MB
Interface Card -Digium TDM400P with Analog Telephones.
Performance Goals
The system running asterisk should be running asterisk as the only service with top kernel priority. The database design and the PHP interface is planned keeping in mind the performance and scalability of the overall system.
The system is currently planned for 400 simultaneous calls and will scale to 2,000 simultaneous calls. Typically, call processing is resource-hungry as the Digium telephony card is designed to transfer the load processing to CPU, and this is a more cost-effective method over the one used by more traditional telephony cards. The performance of system depends on the CPU and its FPU speed, and as such the performance of Asterisk is dependant on the hardware and the priority assigned to it by the kernel. Accordingly, appropriate tuning is critical optimal performance to realize scalability and quality of voice during peak usage.
 The system will connect to SIP server and VoIP gateway to allow for VoIP capability
 The system can also use contacts from Microsoft Outlook
 A soft phone will be provided for additional use and for deployment in call center settings
Infynita Advantage
For Asterisk and VoIP Infynita possesses expertise in
 AGI scripting, PHP, Java, SIP, H 323, ENUM, etc
 IP Telephony systems & Soft phone
 Company owned offshore development facility
 Onshore and onsite business & technical associates
 Maintenance and long term development at effective costs
 Proprietary technology development possible
To learn more about IP PBX and VoIP solution or to discuss your specific needs, please write to us at or
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