Offshore Outsourcing
 Is your task too small for outsourcing and not cost-effective to develop in-house?
 Cannot find the talent you need on a budget?
 Don't want to be metered by the hour or have to pay for others' inefficiencies?
 Have too many sundry tasks to be defined for execution?
Think ODC!
With an ODC, you can hire 2 or 200 qualified people in a managed setting - responsibly and cost effectively!
 Large talent pool to choose from (technical developers, testers, support, etc)
 Equipped, secured, connected and managed operation
 Scale up or down at short notice
 Offshore cost advantage
 Short term contracts possible
 No a capital item on balance sheet
 Take your team onsite for short periods (Project orientation, scoping, implementation, etc)
 Time-zone advantage suited to troubleshooting
 Daily Performance Audit (see demo of our Project Management Tool)
Offshore Development Center Concept:
An Offshore Development Center (ODC) is generally engaged for developing, testing, and deploying software solutions and applications offshore. This is your dedicated team sitting at an offshore facility. The ODC mode is appropriate with mundane tasks or for tasks that are very well defined and you are unable to locate appropriate talent locally - on a budget. The ODC mode is generally more cost-effective than outsourcing a project. The team can be managed by local, competent Project Leader (optional) under your instructions.
Key to success in any outsourcing, more so with ODC is that you make a conscientious effort to establish an adequate level of rapport with your ODC team, give them clear instructions of the tasks and be diligent in reviewing the tasks performed. Our ODC manager and his/her team will supervise your team at a certain level (attendance, spot quality checks, etc), optionally, you may appoint a dedicated Project Leader to work with your team
By paying a consolidated monthly fee, with short term contracts, you are better able to control your costs and rationalize scaling up or down of your ODC presence. In effect, the team is entire team is akin to being your team that is housed at a managed facility in a different country, working by your guidelines at your instructions.
Infynita's Offshore Development Center:
 Dedicated infrastructure including hardware and software infrastructure.
 Dedicated experts team of people for the ODC
 Dedicated links with strict security measures and centralized backup facilities and policies
 Physical and network security and IP protection mechanisms.
 HR and Administration Support.
The following tasks are particularly suited to the ODC model:
Project Scoping & Analysis (Onsite)
This phase comprises the activities that define the scope of the project, project estimates and risk analysis, major functions are defined. Once scoping is done, user requirements are analyzed to arrive at a proposed solution for the system in terms of the software.
Design & Development (Off shore)
Design starts with defining the design objectives and the system architecture is defined and the designs of the database and/or the file systems to be adopted are completed. Development phase includes construction transforms the detailed design representation of a software product into program source codes.
Testing (Off shore)
Testing includes Unit as well as System testing. We also conduct Regression testing, which covers the Re-running of test cases. System Testing focuses on a complete integrated system to evaluate compliance with specified requirements.
Acceptance Testing & Implementation (Onsite)
Based on the pre-defined acceptance criteria, Client conducts the acceptance test during this phase. Once acceptance testing is done, we reache last stage of the project i.e. implementation and is carried out at the client site.
Maintenance & Support (Offshore / Onsite)
It's an on-going activity and can take place either at the client area or at our offshore center.
For more information on our ODC model, please contact us
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