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We use laid out design and development process as a framework and then specifically look at your business from the outside to gain a dimensional perspective of the development and dynamics of the industry.

For each project, you will have a project manager and project Leader allocated and a software developer that will head the technical coding your project. Either of these individuals will be your primary contact for the project.

To succeed any development - with any developer is to provide as much information as possible in a structured manner. To reduce costs and get the desired results painlessly, we recommend you take the time to write, review and refine your needs (in plain language) logically and based on your business needs - then create a 'wish-list' of things that would be nice to have in your application or website. It can help the developer to describe your current business processes, describe what you want to achieve with the new solution.

The solution you entrust us is being built for you - no one knows your business better than you, do leave the door open for the developers to communicate with you. If there are changes you think of later, notify the developer in writing - some of the changes may be billable, others not, but it is important to document all the thoughts and correspondence. Although we strongly recommended that design once 'frozen' should not be changed as it can add to your cost, delay your deployments or cause unexpected issues because it wasn't engineered into the design.
Infynita Project Tracker , a project management and project monitoring system of Infynita Inc. provides MICRO-LEVEL project tracking for Technical Project Outsourcing and Offshore Development Center (ODC) team tracking.
Our Methodological Approach:
Requirement Analysis
We communicate with you, in person or via telephones and email to arrive at the core of 'need' for the solution.

We engineer a process flow of the solution desired; incorporating all the features you specify and try to accommodate your 'wish-list'. At this stage we define the modules and how each desired function would be achieved. We also build into our design appropriate security measures and any legal compliance your industry may be mandated to comply with.

The programming for the solution begins. Although highly technical in nature, mastered with years of study and practice, this is the least difficult part for the geek
Internal Testing

We put the code through the wringer. For example, where you may expect 50 simultaneous users to use an application, we will simulate a scenario that will, say, create 500 simultaneous users. We do all sorts of unusual things to invoke unexpected results. The errors are recorded as 'bugs' and a bug fixing routine gets swinging. Depending on your solution, we simulate hacking attacks, attempts to breach the security, etc.


Documentation is a process that runs through the entire life cycle of the project. At the need analysis stage it is scribbled notes, then a technical design document, then test documentation and finally deployment documentation, which may include users' manuals, help files, etc.

This is the stage where the developer believes the solution is ready for the real world and is handed over to the customer. The implementation may be done on-site, remotely installed on a web server, put up on a 'staging-server' (for your tech team to review and install on your systems). In case of simpler and smaller programs, the "deliverables" (the software, documentation, etc) are cut on a CD and handed over for installation or are provided for a simple download via our staging server.
Customer/Live Testing

After the project is handed over to you, you can use the software in your real business settings. There is typically a warranty period where - if - there are any technical hitches or bugs, the developer is required to rectify without further costs to you.

Speech Desk provides 24x7 email support center, telephone technical support is provided during working hours. On site support is also available
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