Unified Messaging
Small and medium businesses today are more sophisticated than ever before, leveraging technology and best practices to compete on a global scale. For companies with small workforces, the case for enterprise instant messaging (EIM) is compelling, but often the prospect of sourcing, selection, set-up, and management of the system is overwhelming. To succeed, any solution must be simple, secure, and interoperable, while requiring little to no information technology (IT) overhead to support.
In addition to internal communication needs, small and medium enterprises partner extensively with large enterprises in a complex supply chain relationship. The players in this market depend on secure communications between partners to reduce process friction and increase efficiency of transactions. Large enterprises often dictate that all trading partners employ communications technologies such as EIM, and without this capability, small and medium companies may find themselves left out of potentially lucrative markets.
Infynita unified messaging competency
To address the needs of this important market, Infynita Inc. provides a simple, proven, secure, and interoperable (able to exchange and use information) solution for enterprise instant messaging. We deliver all key unified messaging features designed for small and medium workforces, we offers out-of-the-box unified messaging features secured peer to peer & group text chat, VOIP peer to peer & groups communications with all security and compliance norms. These options allow users to expand features to include message archiving.
Enterprise Instant messaging requires the use of a client program that hooks up an instant messaging service and differs from e-mail in that conversations are then able to happen in real-time. Most services offer a presence information feature, indicating whether people on one's list of contacts are currently online and available to chat. This may be called a contact list. In early instant messaging programs, each letter appeared as it was typed, and when letters were deleted to correct typos this was also seen in real time. This made it more like a telephone conversation than exchanging letters. In modern instant messaging programs, the other party in the conversation generally only sees each line of text right after a new line is started. Most instant messaging applications also include the ability to set a status message, roughly analogous to the message on a telephone answering machine.
Requiring no additional hardware, very little maintenance, and offering easy integration with existing systems, you simply follow the quick set-up steps, and begin using. Now, you can have the confidence that your organization will use a proven, secure, and interoperable solution in an easy-to-use package.
Core competencies of Infynita in the area of Unified Messaging
 Architecture design for unified messaging as per your business need
 Integrations of Text and VOIP messaging platform to any other business solutions
 Services from consulting to technical executions
 Support and enhancements
Key Benefits
 Single solution to secure manages and control usage policy for major public and enterprise instant messaging, web conferencing, P2P networks including VOIP, and professional community networks
 Secure and centrally manage the safe use of real-time communication applications
 Minimize IT administration costs with flexible deployment and enhanced management capabilities
 Mature, proven solution backed by world-class research and to deliver the first fully-integrated solution to the problem of security, management and compliance for real-time communications.
Business Benefits
Infynita Inc. delivers a flexible user interface that can be customized to meet your specific organizational needs. It also enables you to supply a thin browser-based client to basic messaging users while giving advanced users access to messaging on both their desktop clients and through a browser interface. This flexibility helps tailor messaging capabilities to user needs.
Some of the major benefits of Infynita’s unified messaging solution are:
 Support for desktop, Web, voice, and wireless access; Instant Messaging, portal integration, and Web services
 Communication with all remote and geographically dispersed employees, business partners, suppliers, and customers
 Reduction in TCO of your messaging infrastructure
 Instant, ubiquitous access to business-critical information
 Accelerated user productivity
 Reduced training, support, and deployment costs
Let Infynita help you take advantage of the latest technologies – mobile access, instant messaging, unified communications, portal and presence – using a single, flexible, cost-effective communications platform.
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