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Enterprise conferencing solutions are going through dramatic changes. There are two major trends occurring. Traditional room based video conferencing is moving to higher and higher video quality with high definition endpoints; new unified collaboration solutions from the major application and telephony vendors promise to bring conferencing to the desktop and mobile users; both driving the need for new levels of scalability and device support. As a result, enterprises are asking for a solution that will support and protect their current investment in standards based conferencing solutions while giving them the flexibility to adopt these emerging conferencing solutions.
Secure Collaboration
Exigencies of business demand more. Our Conferencing and Collaboration Solution provides a highly fortified environment for Document Collaboration, Whiteboard Collaboration, Collaboration and broadcast of Flash and PowerPoint presentations, etc. The security measures in Collaboration include logging of all actions & communications, IP addresses of users, encrypted exchanges, etc. It helps to enhance productivity.
Secure Conferencing
This Conferencing & Collaboration business solution helps businesses achieve savings in cost and enhanced productivity. It will converge critical aspects of face-to-face communications. Voice, Document Collaboration, Interactive Presentations, Whiteboard & Video makes this solution that comes closest to replicating real-life sensory environment, creating the most positive meeting environment. Functionality in the Meeting Manager includes the ability to hold ad-hoc conferences, create pre-scheduled conferences and presentation of conference transcripts to the Host for summarizing the Minutes of Meetings. The conference host can allocate host rights to other for a specific function (say Flash presentations) or transfer the host rights entirely. This is suitable for press conferences where presenters may be geographically dispersed. Conferencing is secure with all communications being logged for audit and compliance. All messages and file transfers are encrypted.
Infynita Competency
Infynita’s Conferencing & Collaboration solution can provide a full conferencing solution to leverage your existing network and so provide cost-effective, secure conferencing services. Combining best-in-class conferencing systems with Infynita’s support expertise gained from over the years experience in the conferencing industry, our Enterprise Conferencing Solutions offer the best of both worlds.
Infynita understands these needs and have solutions, which are the most comprehensive and powerful platform for, unified visual communications in the market today. It is based on years of experience designing IP based conferencing solutions from the ground up and includes the powerful combination of hardware based servers to support media processing for advanced room system devices and software servers to support the need for high scalability and distributed processing for the desktop and mobile markets.
Infynita Conferencing & Collaboration’s solutions includes:
 Fault management
 Performance management
 Disaster recovery
 Reporting & billing services
 Customized user training and adoption life-cycle
 Account management
 24x7 management, monitoring and support
You can realize the cost advantages of leveraging your IP network for conferencing without incurring significant in-house costs for support. And you gain a tried-and-tested conferencing solution that allows new technologies to be leveraged at your own pace.
Business Needs
 Industrial grade security
 Audit trails for analysis and reporting/compliance
 Secure file transfers
 Interoperability and compatibility with public IM's
 Application sharing
 Collaborative Whiteboard
 Path to growth and integration
 Plugins 3rd party applications possible
Other features of a real-time collaborative system will be the ability to remotely and interactively brainstorm on documents or a whiteboard, the ability to annotate to help track and edit updates.
Business Benefits
Increased ROI
By adding conference traffic to an IP network, clients reap financial benefits from lower cost networks, fewer networks to manage, and improved purchasing power with IP network providers.
Managing conferencing growth
Once conferencing moves on net and becomes even easier for users to access, usage can soar. Infynita’s Conferencing & Collaboration solution offers flexible, scalable conferencing solutions to cope with rapid increases in usage.
Productivity improvements
As conferencing solutions become more integrated within the organization, they become easier to use, and provide a richer meeting experience. This in turn drives further productivity gains and efficiency savings.
Minimal impact on your internal IT supports
Infynita’s Conferencing & Collaboration solution provides all necessary service and support to ensure smooth performance of the solution during its lifetime.
Confidence of service provider backs up
It provides the support and resilience your organization needs for disaster recovery and capacity management. This is vital as senior executive meetings are increasingly conducted over Conferencing where all the logs are maintained for further requirements.
Seamless transition for your users
This Enterprise Conferencing Solutions have an entirely different look and feel as any other conferencing & collaboration solution, avoiding significant user disruption.
Secure conferencing services
Applying security policies to these solutions gives more control and increased compliance with standards. As all the logs are being maintained so if required at any point of time they can be verified and can be cross-examined.
Convergence-ready architecture
This solution is based on flexible and future-proofed platforms that allow more converged IP conferencing services to be leveraged at your own pace.
Flexible pricing
A choice of contracts is available as per your requirements and business needs and standards.
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